Frequently Asked Questions


Does Cinnamon support live-streaming?
Not yet; it’s on the road map. Once we are happy with the video-sharing feature of our platform, we will aim to add more.
What makes Cinnamon better?
Besides the complete lack of platform generated ads, we also thrive on the happiness of content creators. We designed Cinnamon to be a platform that helps all Content Creators better pursue their careers, by monetizing their content more than any other platform out there. Anyone can monetize - you don't need to meet subscription levels or fear demonetization.
Why do I need a Coil membership?
To monetize every second of content watched, our model implements a Web Monetization Provider. Web Monetization Providers use Interledger Protocol to redistribute funds based on the amount of time you spend on different content. As of now, Coil is the only Web Monetization Provider on the market. Thanks to Coil, your $5 membership is distributed among Content Creators you follow.
What is the ‘Hype’ button?
Use the ‘Hype’ button to show some love for content you like. We have something special prepared for the ‘Hype’ button that in the future we know the community will love, coming soon!

Content Creator

Are there any restrictions on the content I put on Cinnamon?
As long as you enjoy your content and deem it worthy to upload, we welcome you to join Cinnamon’s Content Creators. We do advise using common sense and reading our Community Guidelines, which specify what content is appropriate.
Can I embed videos on other websites?
Yes you can!
Can I make my videos available for free?
Yes you can; it’s your content so you get to call the shots. Right now you can choose which videos are hidden behind a paywall. Eventually, we plan to develop a feature that will allow you to monetize/demonetize specific parts of each video.
Who can watch my videos?
It depends on the video. Creators have an option as to which videos are monetized and which aren’t. Those that aren’t are available to everyone, however, monetized videos are only accessible to people with an active Coil membership. This allows us to use these membership payments to monetize your content.
Do I need to pay to upload my content on Cinnamon?
Uploading content is free for everyone. Watching monetized content requires a $5 Coil membership.
What is the maximum video length and file size?
Do you need verification to earn money?
Using Coil automatically verifies you by default.
How can I get paid as a content creator?
Firstly you need to register with Coil and set up a payment pointer. With your Coil account you can ‘Sign in’ to Cinnamon and upload content. The moment someone watches your video you immediately begin to receive your earnings.
How much money will I get from my videos?
As we are still adjusting the numbers, the exact sum is still being fine-tuned to maximize rewards to creators, while being sustainable in the long run.
How can I withdraw the money I've earned from my videos?
They go directly into the wallet of your choice. To find out more about withdrawals from your account and wallet visit
Can I upload audio only?
Yes, the files upload have to be in a supported video format (mpg, mp4, mv4, mov, m2ts, avi, mkv), but must be accompanied with a still image.
What currency does Cinnamon use?
Right now USD, EUR, XRP, BTC and ETH. For more information, please visit
Does my audience need any browser extensions?
We received a lot of support from Coil that allowed us to build Cinnamon in a way that requires no extensions to work properly, making it more user-friendly for your viewers.
Can I use Paypal as my payment pointer?
Not right now. We only use payment pointers provided by Coil, our Web Monetization Provider. To find out more about payment pointers available with Coil visit


Are you planning an App?
Yes! We are working on it.
Can I use Cinnamon in an audio-only mode?
Once finished, our App will have this feature.
Why do I have to pay $5? What will I get for this?
With a Coil Membership, you also gain access to a multitude of other exclusive content. Not only that, you are contributing to a creative ecosystem where content creators earn more. With more revenue, they can spend more time and energy producing better content.
Do you have any more questions?
Feel free to chat with us using the bottom right window.
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